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At last, SWEET REVENGE!!! Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys. God, I love Twitter...

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2053 days ago

At last, SWEET REVENGE!!! Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys. God, I love Twitter...


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GoldstoneM 2038 days ago

oooh....that is goood...I wonder what were the *rejected* ideas were??? lol

MartyMacGyver 2053 days ago

That's pure evil... awesome, awesome evil. :-D

DwayneWillis 2053 days ago


normnarvaja 2053 days ago

Looks like a very warped take on beer pong.

blondefish 2053 days ago

All I can say is ha---ha ha --great stuff--could have used the almighty Duct Tape!! It is the all around fix it! Can you tell I'm from Texas?

Donja34 2053 days ago

You are my HERO!!! That is amazing. Wish I could see the cleanup on that.

PeteGresser 2053 days ago

Hah! looks like they'll need a lot of patience
..and a straw...

Maddog0143 2053 days ago

This is one for the books or uh...mops! LMAO!!

FullMetalMokona 2053 days ago

good plan. that's gonna make a mess.
unless the target goes, gets a straw, and sips the water down in each cup enough so that it won't spill

haibane_rakka 2053 days ago

OMG make sure they're each taped down to the table, it'll be even worse to deal with

CollinBeishir 2053 days ago

That's a cool idea of duct taping the cups together so they would spill the water in the other cups. SWEEEEEEEEET!

Jeff_in_DFW 2053 days ago

Kinda like the water in the foreground...just not sure about the background.

ClipSnap 2053 days ago

Is it full cups of water, all taped to each other? Maybe you can't pick up one without spilling the others?

IluthraDanar 2053 days ago

All the cups are full of water? And tied together? So to move any, they will have to drink from them maybe? Or risk spilling all. Clever!

angle_man 2053 days ago

it's a row of glasses full of water duct taped together. It's going to be almost impossible to move without spilling. Nicely done.

haibane_rakka 2053 days ago

Did you duct tape all those cups together and fill them with water so you can't NOT make a mess?

Apocalypse2001 2053 days ago

you're either cooking something, or fixing something...which is it?

VGoob 2053 days ago

My ? as well, happykt. Que?

Xayian 2053 days ago

Ok I dont get it and I REALLY want to LOL

happykt 2053 days ago

What the hell is that?