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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

Am example. Hanx

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1972 days ago

Am example. Hanx


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bubbabullseye 1889 days ago

Hope all goes well. I'm an editor and know how things can be in that room of decisions.

banjodancing2 1897 days ago

i love filmmaking; but sometimes it's about as interesting as watching paint dry.

LetMeCarryYour 1909 days ago

so that's how the script is written? and i was going on in internet for about 2 months to learn how to become an unlearned screenwriter ;););)

joropies 1917 days ago

Your profile's photo seems pretty much like mine. Yours: studio, mine: my room, either way both are great

minious 1944 days ago

=) cute

paultrull 1948 days ago

Check out the music at

jenandchan 1967 days ago

cooooool :>★

j1966f 1968 days ago

Прекрасно. Work improves the person!

KathleenParkes0 1972 days ago


hayanico 1972 days ago

interesting. does it have to be printed on a paper.

glynes 1972 days ago

ooooh, gripping drama!! **hee hee**

ShermansVoice 1972 days ago

Tom. You could put a pic of a nose nugget up and people would still say..Amazing, Brilliant! funny..

Palmillos61 1972 days ago

ok, ok what exactly does this mean?? LOL

hardtobrake 1972 days ago

yes you are brother i no that so everybody

pawankbhatia 1972 days ago

neat and perfect,had to be tom hanks.

DaliaEchelon 1972 days ago

so interesting :) Thanks Tom

writerJack 1972 days ago

Very interesting-Nicely done...

ackdrew 1972 days ago

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the process. You're the best !!

robertolopez144 1972 days ago

Go Hanx! You Are Superb!

dawjofan 1972 days ago

WOW!!!! :-))