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New Twitter bit...bad bathroom art #1

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2725 days ago

New Twitter bit...bad bathroom art #1


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Jeremyd1969 2724 days ago

I have the solution to the O & A domestic dispute....THUNDERDOME! "Two men enter, One man leave!"

garlicbuddersaw 2724 days ago

If you look closely you can see the hole drilled in the sunglasses

bstaufy 2725 days ago

With the sand, it kinda feels like a litter box

xg4bx 2725 days ago

paintings of the beach always put me in the mood to squat and drop a bowl clogger. i feel my boils rumbling already.

i love you guys.

sameolsheet 2725 days ago

I like the bad bathroom art bit. OK i'll contribute.

gian100 2725 days ago

The way around this problems. I've been listening since the 1st homeless shopping spree and I know this is not the first time u guys have a problem with each other, you've been thru this b4,don't finish what u have,u guys r great 2gether.

Man1mAwesome 2725 days ago

Looks like there are a lot of icebergs in the water...or the artist sucks at drawing clouds. Bathrooms are no place for art

gian100 2725 days ago

Op I hope u read this...the only winner here will be howard if u guys split. U have 2 understand that ur relationship is similar at any marriage that after the years both parties find things they don't like about each other,and is ur responsability 2 find

bloomhypno 2725 days ago

...Dark Opie... He was a wonderful young man once...

hairyass 2725 days ago

when Opie and Anthony are the only two left, who will win in the end?

Scott_Rhodes 2725 days ago

when you leave the show you can always go back to this ... http://www.foundrymusic.com/video.cfm?id=18754

dasbeermeister 2725 days ago

Yep, that picture makes me want to shit.

blinkdmb 2725 days ago

Op sorry about the assholes posting your girls name, know she value's privacy

chuckeaves 2725 days ago

You boys play nice now. Chester - where'd you go??

Scott_Rhodes 2725 days ago

So after all the years of bosses or listeners trying to "divide and conquer" your gonna try that bull-shit yourself, everyone get off Opies jock here, he is nothing without Ant and Ant is nothing without Op

CaptKrunk 2725 days ago

I was expecting something more low class as in some Sharpie art from when you and Yimmy visit the glory holes.

madecummsies 2725 days ago

that pic should be posted on www.ratemypoo.com ......aahbooooo

Medina1971 2725 days ago

I dont know.... I kinda like it.

shans311 2725 days ago

i think i know what you are doing with the fight thing today. i guess i will have to wait and see if im right. i love you guys and dont want to lose my fav show

jon_torrance 2725 days ago

thankfully he's clothed in the reflection!