AJ Mclean


AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys

The most handsome man alive:) love my berns:)

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1980 days ago

The most handsome man alive:) love my berns:)


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noedorough 1865 days ago

i love you Barnie..my Kokat, Hitam, Howard, Coklat, Begi, Putih, will take care of u darling. *kiss

xLoveKez 1925 days ago

indeed handsome but his owner trumps a little bit

Wishful_Witch 1973 days ago

He Is Adorable!!!!!!

DiamanteLips 1977 days ago

Pretty BABY!

ChristineSings1 1978 days ago

This is the kind of dog that me and my boyfriend wanna get =)

sazz80 1978 days ago

If u want a girl frd for him you can have my molly staff just don't tell my hubby and kids I said that lol

dianaharlow5 1979 days ago

Aww! bernese mountain! I work at a vet pharm. CUTE name! www.vetcentric.com! 866-838-2368 ext 1368!

GottaLoveHFive0 1979 days ago

so adorable!!!!

Koninp 1979 days ago

so cute *.*

vingerdivin 1979 days ago

thats sweet

LightningGrl 1979 days ago

What an absolute gorgeous dog!

MelissaLamb613 1979 days ago

hes so pretty :)

marghi_marina 1979 days ago

soooo cuteeeee...!!!! ♥

McIntyreSweete 1979 days ago

awww I wanna pet him!!

TheDistantHeart 1979 days ago

Oh such a pretty one! I love big dogs. Got one myself too. (: (but it's not a bern)

HuDido 1979 days ago

Man??? hahaha

lia2933 1979 days ago

dogs scares me alot aint no chance i would go near ur berns :( does he bite

XAnushA_91 1979 days ago

i hope is not jealous so maybe 2morrow he's attackin this hottie beware keep hot things away from nick or u'll face the music terribly save urselve haha

CieleWeber 1979 days ago

Dogs are the best friends in the whole world!!! ;)

Jizzzles 1979 days ago

Naw, what a sweetie :)