AJ Mclean


AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys

Waiting to perform at gay pride:)

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2347 days ago

Waiting to perform at gay pride:)


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sparkey828 1942 days ago

u 2 look perfect 4 eachother wish u all the best of luck good job AJ

xLoveKez 2293 days ago

ohh you should do the boston parade its fun!

Patita_bSb 2344 days ago

you guys look so cute together. :)

BabSales 2345 days ago

A.J. that's so cool,I mean,you're with a beautiful woman that seems perfect for you and you're also proving that you don't have any problem with gay people!I'm so proud of you. Kisses from Brazil :*

gimmegimmeGORE 2345 days ago

Aj, u two look perfect for each other. Shes such a beautiful woman!!

ARiana_Mclean 2345 days ago

I'm glad to see that you do not have any prejudice to gay people. I hope you have done very well.

risaichigo 2345 days ago


AlinaBMihaela 2345 days ago

U2 look good together! Hope you'll be happy! :) the "London note fan"..

karinamu 2345 days ago

Lovely! Happiness to you!

nicky1584 2345 days ago

woooooooooot you look so lovely together she is perfect for you! you look awesome

sazz80 2346 days ago

Lovely couple, hope the wedding plans are coming on well ! Me and my hubby got married in barbados in the flower forest in 2005 april it was the best loved barbados ! I'm sure whereever u get married it b the best day x

Toninn 2346 days ago

you're too fat man! but whatever, you'll allways be The Eternal A.J. Mclean!

NyisieLittrell 2346 days ago

"ai que lindos" You're so in love S2

vingerdivin 2346 days ago

u guys are look cute together

balsouma 2346 days ago

AJ you're so awsome but Rochelle ..... I don't know :=( ..... sorry

ajzgurl69 2346 days ago

Gotta say I'm jealous, but she's beautiful and you look happy, so I'm happy! I <3 you so much AJ!!

TreatMeRight84 2346 days ago

You two make such a sweet couple :)

marghi_marina 2346 days ago


Tinker4Eve 2346 days ago

I like your shirt

whisper775 2346 days ago

Wow! She looks very much like Katy Perry! :-)