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Check out this photo of “Bachelor” winner Vienna Girardi – getting downright nasty on Spring Break in 2009.

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2285 days ago

Check out this photo of “Bachelor” winner Vienna Girardi – getting downright nasty on Spring Break in 2009.


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showercap 2283 days ago

Are you sure this isn't in the 80's? What's with the fag bathing suits? Ha! Ha!

NoPrivateInfo 2284 days ago

The girl in this pic has no BOOBS. It might not be Vienna.

YANIRA150 2284 days ago

I hope it was just a pic and that thing wasn't in her mouth

Flea_Marketeer 2284 days ago

ohh so she IS talented.... i knew it had to be SOMETHING!!!

pinkladytm 2285 days ago

What comes around goes around. LMAO

Kalr3 2285 days ago

That's disgusting. Vienna is just a dirty, moral/intelligence/value-void, BAD actress.

MandyCatz 2285 days ago

That's marriage material right there folks. NOT

iGilzene 2285 days ago

Well, now you know why she "won"

LorriDelia 2285 days ago


Paulalalalas 2285 days ago

looks like she's a 2 tea bag kinda girl...

RetroGuava 2285 days ago

She better be careful. That could take an an eye out or at least put it in another direction!!!!

theLokstahh 2285 days ago

omq whore!!!

dawnzettler 2285 days ago

that poor girl has no self esteem !

TessTalks 2285 days ago

Awww......look at the pretty princess. A shining example of genteel feminine charm. What a cow.

CheetahPizzas 2285 days ago

Blondy, was it worth losing what little self-worth you had - went off the Skank-Plank, toots.

ryanscrestFAN1 2285 days ago


JenniKrumm 2285 days ago

Should of been a clue. I never liked her and couldn't believe that Jake chose her!

C_MONUFULOFSHIT 2285 days ago

Nothing wrong with a freak. She would be able to keep a man with that freak side, if he wasn't allegedly gay or a media whore.

azducky 2285 days ago

Gee, I wonder how she won. She doesn't even have to get her knees dirty.

queencaitlin135 2285 days ago

i hope those balls were worth it.