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I JUST BOUGHT THE AWESOMEST SHOES EVER!!!! Zabiela would be proud :)

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2055 days ago

I JUST BOUGHT THE AWESOMEST SHOES EVER!!!! Zabiela would be proud :)


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_elconde 2049 days ago

is that a stopwatch?

TimoV 2053 days ago

Hope you don't wear them, cause the'yre ugly as hell! o_o

OhhPollyy 2053 days ago

oh my goodness. only you!

RUbenAgosto 2054 days ago

So SICK!!!

dl2012love 2054 days ago

actually they remind me of my childhood when my mom bought my shoes at Woolco and my friends shoes were really cool from Creeds

dl2012love 2054 days ago

sorry but they are not cool...and ur cat's gonna attack them

tara360 2054 days ago

shhhhhit. that's so stellar.

jmaddox07 2054 days ago

wow those are dope!

Tiklxoxo 2054 days ago

those are fucking sick!

vampiregut 2055 days ago

There's a fucking lcd watch in the tounge? Siiiiick

BetsyYoung 2055 days ago

These are the greatest shoes ever with both Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi on the front. Epic.

CptnLou 2055 days ago

WOW :0

kubbycakes 2055 days ago

you are such a nerd, i love it ;)

imBeccaLea 2055 days ago

love these babe

gissrey 2055 days ago


IrinaBatcu 2055 days ago


pinkcyclop 2055 days ago

for everyone who is wondering where those shoes are from i seen them in the adidas store on Queen St in Toronto, $249 i hope that helps. sorry Deadmau5
if i offended you

darthcornel 2055 days ago

damn, nice XD Star Wars w00t :D

Marsh626 2055 days ago

Where can people buy them?

PaOLituS 2055 days ago

they look awesome mate :)