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On the sky glide at Summer Fest in WI....yeehaw!!!

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1892 days ago

On the sky glide at Summer Fest in WI....yeehaw!!!


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countrylove7 1756 days ago

not that far from me... Yeeeeeee haw!!! catch ya next time kellie :)

SteveWyrobek 1845 days ago

Very cool, was it your first time to Summerfest? What did you think?

DeeSkreat 1851 days ago

those are my toes. How did you do that?

bubbajenjen 1876 days ago

WHAT? No Louboutin's? Looks like fun!

CapitalG73 1876 days ago

That Alincsu is one smart cookie! :)

mkbuck13xo 1890 days ago

haha fun!

AliNCSU 1891 days ago

y'all Kellie's feet are the ones on the left. She's not that tan... go look at her other pics. looks more fun than this office building :(

bretzingerwil 1891 days ago

and i bet none of those people realized it was you up there lol i hope you had a good time i know i did YOU WERE AMAZING !!! msg me back

brieluvspickler 1891 days ago

:O um, let me takea wild guess. You have the red toes? (:

JillSaphic 1891 days ago

woo hoo!!!
how fun!

SwiftieFan_13 1891 days ago

beautiful feet & amazing that the ppl below have no clue a beautiful angel is above them :-)

NCguy66 1891 days ago

Ha ha those people down there have no clue that Kellie Pickler is watching over them :-)

PLady100 1891 days ago

No way!

snrichardson13 1892 days ago

thanks for reminding me that i need to repain my toes! :) love your red!

leahbeck_18 1892 days ago

hope your having fun! i love summerfest (:

cprieboy 1892 days ago

What no Red High Heels to go with your Red Toes?? Looks like you are having a Blast :)

AngryAntRecords 1892 days ago

haha.. very nice young Kellie Pickler person

QueenLizzyBee 1892 days ago

Super cute feet...step on those people lol!

lennongaga21 1892 days ago

those are so much fun !!!!!