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Kristen Stewart is on NOW!! Tune in!

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2220 days ago

Kristen Stewart is on NOW!! Tune in!


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forsterjulie 2064 days ago

Social skills are difficult to learn for some. Give the girl a break, puh-lease!

DIAZNODOUBT 2208 days ago

Kristen is very annoying even to look at and constantly playing with her hair. ill

WeLoveYouSmiley 2210 days ago

Kristen looks like she hates her fans, the show and appernrly her life.

awolf2105 2215 days ago

It's a tough job,but someone has to do it !

hollywoodnc1 2215 days ago

What's the problem with some of the actresses today? They come across as being "Troubled".

Skid_69 2216 days ago

look two great personalities on the outside but BORING in the look at that expression, lifeless!

Broncofan922 2216 days ago

Regis was great, that was a painful interview to watch. Kristens publicist help her, she has NO social skills.

Arte05s 2217 days ago

i love her ssso much and she is so pretty with her new hair

DurangoDakota 2217 days ago

Kristen looks sssssssssssoooooooooooooo happy, or something else:I

cprough21 2219 days ago

She does not do interviews well. I thought Regis and Kelly worked hard to make her comfortable. Nice Job.

darkelly1 2219 days ago

I watched that interview and it was REALLY strange. Why was she bouncing up and down? She seemed either really nervous or on drugs!

nikki_766 2220 days ago

She looks pissed off! Not a cute look!

crakedpot 2220 days ago

Kelly I hope your keeping a diary of all these stars you interview. I would love to read the book on all of the dirt on them. She is one of the weirder ones. If fame has gone to her head already she is in trouble.

Dyaus_Piter 2220 days ago

I don’t know why so many people are bashing Kristen. She seems nice to me. I think she’s just very shy and self-conscious. She probably doesn’t like her smile and so she doesn’t like to smile for photos.

Dyaus_Piter 2220 days ago

It’s very hot in New York. If you wear too much clothing on these hot days then you could get heatstroke and die. So, please, for your health, wear very little. All you need is a thong and some pasties.

Dyaus_Piter 2220 days ago

I love the little dress, Kel. Because it’s little. You have legs for days. Weeks, even. The smaller the dress, the better.

mjks1956 2220 days ago

You guys did a great job with the "interview." She has been on before and it was the same thing...she acts like its a big bore to be doing publicity for her movies..As far as her "actin" shes just being herself !!!

Hampchamp 2220 days ago

She looks like it's killing her pose for the picture!

5xs_the_density 2220 days ago

Wow! Two beautiful ladies. Which one is my favorite? I'll pick the one who can crush my heart and my dreams with her bicep.

letis64700 2220 days ago

I love your dress ♥Kelly♥,so pretty! I like Regis' tie too!