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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

opie's eye...Still on the warpath! New targets! hoodies hooDIES HOODIES!

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2691 days ago

opie's eye...Still on the warpath! New targets! hoodies hooDIES HOODIES!


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PORKYYORK 2687 days ago

I'M A BLACK NINJA FUCKFACE!....you make me laugh, sir

murcuryvapor 2688 days ago

They finally crushed this site. The DNS info is interesting:

Domain Name: oandaradio.com
Created on..............: 2007-10-05.
Expires on..............: 2011-10-05.
Record last updated on..: 2009-01-21.

smokingluckys 2689 days ago

The Hood Militia is live @ theoandavirus.com

Johoff23 2690 days ago

Fez owns Ron because he knows where the "customers in default" were "retired" to. He farts on Ron's couch to let him know who's boss.

LiLmissLoyal 2690 days ago

Great show today. Jimmy Fallen and Dayne Cook were awesome. Also, I hate to admit it but Stalker Patti was hysterical as the "hole".

gingerkid77 2690 days ago

Creepy & Terrifying! As was your "Lovers Quarrel..." very uncomfortable...I love you both! (And Little Jimmy too, of course.)

gbwerbyjr 2690 days ago

Hey opie, u and ant owe me a joint, cause yall killed my buzz with that no joke storm cloud of a comedian dane cook. Thanks pal.

nolimitscguy 2690 days ago

no talkie on twitter? cut the show short?

opiefan 2690 days ago

Opie the real fans don't care about FM.

christownsendAK 2690 days ago

I havnt gotten to this episode on Audible (stupid alask and no XM) but thats just a fucking cool picture.

hotshot70 2690 days ago

KROCK (or whatever those fags wanna be called) can choke on a big one. Maybe that building will cave in on the suits.

jn235 2690 days ago

Don't let the FM crap get you down, Op. Get on the air Friday and tear it up.

radioboy34 2690 days ago

Don't worry about the haters, Opie. Shit happens.

dlight 2690 days ago

Ooooh Scary!
Please, no more fighting tomorrow. I feel like a kid listening to my parents fight! You guys are an awesome duo - there's no splitting you up!

nolimitscguy 2690 days ago

dont be such a baby...you have a job...be positive for once. Holy cow..nothing but pissin and moanin. Count your blessings

ladyz0e 2690 days ago

A fight? Orly? Y'all need some radio-marriage counseling or something. Everybody fights sometimes! Even in the case of platonic relationships!

timz56 2690 days ago

32 years driving tour bus for one of the biggest rock band from CHICAGO and I have XM from day one ;Meet lots of radio guys and Never Ever listened to who who for one minute;but you made everything he ever said about you come true; love the great radio bi

mrmattmccoy 2690 days ago

Op, I am eating grapes right now
How gay am I that I am bummed that two other men had a fight and may break up?
That being said, I am.. You guys are a part of my morning routine and I am very methodical

stevegarrison 2690 days ago

Did you make nice with Ant yet? I hope so you were in the wrong sir Bad mood or no, Great radio.

mmajesse 2690 days ago

What do you mean by still on the warpath?