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@zoetica ....if you say so!

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1637 days ago

....if you say so!


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Nutintosay 1480 days ago

Is Eric Idle your Dad?

LeyAnne_Purple 1547 days ago

who's this???

AvalonsHuman 1547 days ago

I thought it was Eric Idle from the early Monty Python days. That's Josh? SERIOUSLY?

kamoani_50 1547 days ago

Oh, dear God.

csurdez 1577 days ago

OK, you look like a Beatle here---Paul McCartney I believe !!

JGroIsMyEdward 1616 days ago

LOL. It's Richard! I forgot & actually thought it WAS u when I saw it on the side, downsized...

NataliaMartire 1617 days ago

Hahaha..Er.. you're looking like my aunt.. >.< no cool! haha

librariangirl1 1617 days ago

..don't let it get to you ...." title="AM I BOVERRED??

IxChelOz 1617 days ago

what?! no way

Lily2000 1617 days ago

NO WAY is this any resemblence to you, Josh! :)

victor_ferraz 1617 days ago


tatidcoco 1636 days ago

This is version 70 Josh ... down, imagine him using a pair of "bell mouth" OMG!!! :p

Violin55 1636 days ago

Wow it is a blond Josh :D LOL

Jamiella_Shanae 1636 days ago

Eric Idle! Probably the funniest man in British comedic history.
Bar none.

grobanator 1636 days ago

I could never mistake Eric for you!!the eyes ,the mouth!!yours are unique

Claramusician 1637 days ago

Hahahahah!!! Wow!!! I agree with !!! That could be you disguised!!!! lol

missglitter1981 1637 days ago

LMAO this could be Josh in disguise mwahahaha x