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Proud, Fit Mom & Fiance. *SnookiLove by Nicole Polizzi in stores soon*

Young Snook. lol :) 18 rockin the poof duh

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2056 days ago

Young Snook. lol :) 18 rockin the poof duh


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luvbieber12998 1939 days ago

r u sure dat is u?!

x3justbelive 2045 days ago

i love ure eyes <3 . . x

30hurricanes 2053 days ago

so pretty :)

rracchhellssea 2054 days ago

is that a boy?

PrincessJaylahh 2054 days ago

amazing :P

just_dream_44 2055 days ago

you look so pretty and i love how the contacts look on you!

_H022YW00D_ST4R 2055 days ago

SNooki you're so beautyful.. love you my guidette!

assgr0n 2055 days ago

Ok... obviously your jealous for sayin' that. Snooki don't listen to people who says that, you're beautiful!

kattpyro 2056 days ago

and its not retarded, not to mention completely pointless, to follow someone and look at their pictures just to poke fun at them?

_melodyrose 2056 days ago

missleesa, you're obviously jealous of snook, she looks beautiful as always.

missleesa_ 2056 days ago

Are you people retarded?? Those are obviously Blue CONTACTS! ...And horrendous ones at that!

BTW, Snooki... Your friend is so incredibly BUTTERFACED, as her friend, you should advise her never to make that stupid pucker face ever again!!

MikeMGerr 2056 days ago

Is that when you started partying or way before that?

honeyVfan 2056 days ago

OMG, u look SO pretty<3

lianetxo 2056 days ago

omg u look so preety. i love your eyes. :D

ObeyXAustin 2056 days ago

TF is this ? lol Snooki looks so preety now :)

hannahe148 2056 days ago

wheres ur poof snooks.........?
ps nice eyez

Mr_Syked 2056 days ago

Your eyes are beamingly gorgeous, love ya!

Neige420 2056 days ago

id fuck you hard, both of you

shuttlesworth1 2056 days ago

holy shit you look hot. look at those eyes.

LadyMonolo 2056 days ago

Wow! Thatz u!? Wow!