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1614 days ago


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DhahranDame 1610 days ago

This picture pleases me so much. A deflated ball with a picture of an inflated ego.

heldor 1613 days ago

I- I'm nervous for the future.

Spo_0n 1613 days ago

Could this mean the end of Penny Arcade?

TankHammer 1613 days ago

Get 2Player Productions to cut-together a montage slow-mo clips set to soft music for an after-credits in the last ep.

Demios101 1613 days ago

I expect something on PATV about this.

Onimoz 1613 days ago

This is the end of an era.

infernus 1613 days ago

Never forget. ;_;

Gamegeneral 1613 days ago

You know, the small preview of my tweet client made it look like some kind of rotten fruit.

jmdolce 1614 days ago

Ha, Hanna Montana busted your balls.

lalael 1614 days ago

Might I offer up my daughter's Dora the Explorer ball as a replacement?

Sirius_Business 1614 days ago

;--; Hannah is dead? This can't be!

neunon 1614 days ago

Great. Now how will you open jars?

Mcrowling 1614 days ago

Im... so sorry, I didnt know

afrokola 1614 days ago

Maybe it just needs some air! Check it's vitals!

MCouto 1614 days ago

Noooooo! Quick, duct tape! Or give it to Khoo, he can fix ANYTHING!

jonathonwatney 1614 days ago

Patch kit. Stat!

theflamingdude 1614 days ago

noooo! Who killed Hannah?!

Tarty 1614 days ago

Oh noooo! Give it CPR! It can still be revived!

lal1lul3lo 1614 days ago