Logan Henderson


Picture from set of myself And the beautiful @ErinZariah! We had too much fun filming this episode!

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2309 days ago

Picture from set of myself And the beautiful ! We had too much fun filming this episode!


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andreatg3 2196 days ago

:)..lOGAN hIPPPIE in my favorite episode!!

stich6755 2205 days ago

spell fail i mean to say needed to be said :S sowwie

stich6755 2205 days ago

ofmg logan stop smileing lol jk every time you smile i smile and your dimples are to die for lol i know you wnt read this but i need to be said it :D

BTRCarganCrew 2206 days ago

jeez actually your TOO smart to be anywhere near a hippi. I had dream 'bout you...........i-i'm go-gonna watch some sports and listen to paramore

MarleneBarrios 2212 days ago

I'm gonna kill u Logan(? OMG i loooooouve u ♥

YongOfficial 2214 days ago

HippiLogan!!! ahahahaha!! Look good!! Big Time Fever is one of my favorite episode...
You rock!!!!

BigTimeDreamer2 2226 days ago

You also would of made a good Hippi

Gigi_BlackMetal 2228 days ago

hey look its Sean Lennon! xD well mostly with the little glasses haha
great episode LOGANater

cathR18 2232 days ago

erin and you...make a perfect couple

yoelisana 2237 days ago

ahahhahahhahahha =D

KAYL11 2239 days ago

Is that a mirror in ur pocket?? Cause I can see myself in ur pants :p lol jk jk ha I'm sorry I just had to say that, well.... This is awkward.... Soooo..... How bout them Yankees??

GabrielaBrand 2239 days ago

Erin is soo beautifull :) LOGAN :D ♥

livianicole55 2247 days ago

i loved that episode ! : )

iMizmal 2251 days ago

You can never have TOO much fun, lol. Anyway, cute picture. That was a good episode of BTR.

cansu55_ 2251 days ago

You have a beautiful and flirty smile :D

LoCrisTeam4ever 2260 days ago

I Liked you´re smile..! :D

I_Elevated 2262 days ago

50% funny, 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% cute!

Tara_Heales 2263 days ago

dude, you're so photogenic!! even in a hippie costume (:

Meggle_Weggle 2269 days ago

its doesnt matter! you've got some apples, and your friend has some apples!

edge_0f_desire 2270 days ago

soooo amazing as a hippi