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1931 days ago


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619fangirl 1879 days ago

i really like this photo, and as my sister, non_existing_13 puts it, kik ass!!! damm chris look absolutly sexxy!!

yesiwillonlyyou 1882 days ago


IAmAhedJericho 1919 days ago


non_existing_13 1920 days ago

kik ass!!! damm chris look absolutly sexxy!!

HAZELBRAT 1920 days ago

Very awesome pic

Jothelovesponge 1929 days ago

I just went down on a fat chick!!!!!!

jericho4life 1930 days ago

Great photo Chris you look hot like always.

LauraAntoniaC 1930 days ago

Really great photo. Hope u guys had a fun time! :) Chris, u r rockin' and absolutely amazing as always !

L_Gaillard 1930 days ago

I love this T-Shirt, we can see the chest of Chris ^ ^. It's so sexy ♥ Awesome pic ! !

Shaani_ 1930 days ago

Chris you stand out from the rest what is there more to say?

qu1dam 1930 days ago

Nice Thor shirt.

chetangunni 1931 days ago

Chris your so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

PauuuVicious 1931 days ago

Your love is my drug

LasAmas 1931 days ago

Jericho you are so fking hot! :P

PauuuVicious 1931 days ago

I like the dude's beard

Jericho_Lover 1931 days ago

you look Awesome chris

bellajessica89 1931 days ago

chris u have very sexy arms ♥

IsabellaRians 1931 days ago

Very nice! Thx, Chris. Great pic. What's your drink?

andy_linds 1931 days ago

Yummy Chris <3!

wrasslerxgirl 1931 days ago

Someone looks fantastic, from rockstar good looks to rockstar boots. (: