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So good it's unbrrrvvvbrrr

I am the new spokesperson for the Hilton! What do you guys think about this new ad campaign!

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1795 days ago

I am the new spokesperson for the Hilton! What do you guys think about this new ad campaign!


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jonathanbatiste 1791 days ago

Wow. I mean, I really like being able to see your sack but... what "service" are you offering in the ad?

itsmeartes 1791 days ago

haha pretty damn hot.

piratesteveb 1794 days ago

pretty damn gay... I think you just hurt your "I like women" cause....

theTraincase 1795 days ago

So in Alabama...when they said... "come to the winduhh" that's how u went?

AbigailMendiola 1795 days ago

the bulge is your selling point. LOL!

dustinwashere 1795 days ago

Chelsea is never going to let you down from this.

JulieeeCoffey 1795 days ago

I'm thinking we should get married in my near future. this is awesome.

harajukuloversf 1795 days ago

This is so one of those Asian ads where the pic really has nothing to do with anything. So korean air!

cmorello 1795 days ago

Oh no Josep, Chelsea is going to rip u a new one!

crystal577 1795 days ago

Teasing us with your ting ting.. ;)

elzb3 1795 days ago

why you hangn' out in the window pointing your junk directly at passers by...? luv it though cuz i luv u

mushustudios 1795 days ago

The nipple just visible under the bathrobe - quite fetching Mr Koy, quite fetching indeed.

beastiedarlings 1795 days ago

I may not sleep, but I'd stay!

Delmango 1795 days ago

Not sure I love it, but the boys at the Boom Boom Room are gonna be ecstatic.

HolyTerrorBri 1795 days ago

Ting ting!!

karenitalia 1795 days ago

Love the pic in your undies Jo...The socks really touch it off...

VerMillioNaZ 1795 days ago

Don't make him angry or the green ting ting with eyes on the nuts is gonna get ya.

glynes 1795 days ago

What's the number to call for a reservation?? 8-)

BettyRubbleAz 1795 days ago

Look at his Ting Ting!!!!! LMAO!!!

anim8ded 1795 days ago

No comment. I'm sure Chelsea will have plenty to say.