Aziz Ansari


I'm on tour. Check for tickets. Bye.

Venues beware my rider is NUTS. I need berries AND tea. #DangerouslyDelicious

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2253 days ago

Venues beware my rider is NUTS. I need berries AND tea. #DangerouslyDelicious


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lovestruckcow 2136 days ago

angrez challe gaye, ko bhi le gaye

707cutthroat 2253 days ago

this is fucking AMAZING aziz. can't wait to see your silly ass in september at the house of blues in san diego! whooooo!

viviancsarratt 2253 days ago

that rider is like if a grandma was a baller

nickleesawesome 2253 days ago

I think some berries should be shared with tomorrow night's crowd at the Vogue.

JocelynkaZimova 2253 days ago

You're a star now. Where's the Crystal?

JennDMode 2253 days ago

paper cups AND ceramic ones. You've hit the big time!!!

twitboobootwit 2253 days ago

one for you. one for me. two for you. one, two for me.

ginacatto 2253 days ago

you made them separate the berries didn't you. it's really going to your head.

vrbbt 2253 days ago

good choice, sir.

ilytina 2253 days ago

yummy! oh and Twinings makes the best Cup of Tea! #realTalk

ComfortableCam 2253 days ago

Vancouver berries are off the CHAIN... get ready for the best sumptuous fruit explosions

NewtypeLady 2253 days ago

That looks delicious.