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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

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2312 days ago

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jacobweidenbach 2293 days ago

lol potty humor!

nonocarbs 2301 days ago

Gotta love potty humor :)

tshernisky 2307 days ago

Too Funny! Hope u had a great trip.

Lindaffs 2311 days ago

30 is the speedlimit and "fartsdempere" actually means speedbumps. :)

sjandrea 2311 days ago

Maby the funny ting is "Farts"

Siimenh 2312 days ago

Good you enjoyed your stay! :) You gotta come back someday!

kayj412 2312 days ago

ok lol

Jeanetth 2312 days ago

this is MY HOMETOWN!!!!!!! :) i know that house.. this is so funny, lol :) loved you brad, you did GREAT!!! =)

RaymieS 2312 days ago

On eating reindeer and drinking Ass beer you'd tend to have Farts faster than 30mph ;)

thswhtLAURAsaid 2312 days ago

Haha, this is hilarious.

MaggotStitch 2312 days ago

little moments of randomness!

Audrey_003 2312 days ago

HA. this made me smile. your def. not in america anymore ;)

supermariag 2312 days ago

People, it's 30 km/h, not miles... just so you know x)

bluest47 2312 days ago

Very funny looking to me.

telezgrl 2312 days ago

venison and aass beer will do that I guess.. is that quantity or time allowed they're talkin? You guys must be havin a blast over there with all of this ha!

joescoggins86 2312 days ago


brandonwfoster 2312 days ago

Hm... Aass beer and a fart zone... It seems they're a little 'behind' us in natural gas production.

RandallKerr 2312 days ago

Wish we had 'fart dampers' in this country.

AlyzabethM 2312 days ago

Everyone needs a special farting zone.

MaryK61 2312 days ago

Do they have special sections for EVERYTHING there???