Deuce album coming to stores near you!

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2316 days ago


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iwantcandi 2316 days ago

Click on dispute claim and tell them you are the artist who wrote it and if they need ID,scan it

BeckyBoo2013 2316 days ago

I call BULLSHIT!!!! & i agree thats alot of mail, you should check it.

Bugomina 2316 days ago

Well that sucks. OH MY LORD THE MAIL!!! No wonder you haven't gotten to my picture that's insane

xxxCensoredxxx 2316 days ago

So fucked up! Fuck the asshole who's doing this =\

AmandaBLAZED 2316 days ago

Dude that is fucking gay!! Btw good luck with he mail :P

TheGrimReaperN7 2316 days ago

no wonder u havnt replied to my mail haha

Tweekinator 2316 days ago

so much MAILLLL. haha man that sucks fuckem for suspending your shit

nattynightmare 2316 days ago

That sucks. Ugh. >:/
Damn that's a shitload of mail, dude. HAHAHAH xD

KelleyC 2316 days ago

fucking lame. got enough mail though? hahah

AlexaTalley 2316 days ago

dude! you have ALOT of mail!
i think you should check that!