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Lt. Dangle, Member of The State. Old Fashioned Guy.

Look what @blackpiano made for my son. Behold: babydangle!

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1893 days ago

Look what made for my son. Behold: babydangle!


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wwonka666 1773 days ago

is it embarrassing that the kid fills out those shorts better than you did?

PartyCrasher227 1773 days ago

Loving the handcuffs!

jamij23 1773 days ago

LOVE Baby Dangle!!!!!

ssteffa 1892 days ago

Where are the white fringe cowboy boots??

Sumupid 1893 days ago

I'm stealing that kid's tricycle.

heathermsc 1893 days ago

How stinking cute is that?!?!? Have you started his therapy fund yet?? jk!

llliiizzz 1893 days ago

hahaha! too cute! just saw him in April & already he looks so much bigger!

DippedInCream 1893 days ago

Oh. My. Gyaaaaah. Now we need a baby Jonesy. TOGETHER.

ballanross 1893 days ago

Congrats, Lieutenant, on the acceptance of your offspring to the Reno PD. He'll make a fine add.

NeverSawItComin 1893 days ago

I smell a Spin off, Reno 911 Babies.

RealSillyPutty 1893 days ago

almost tight enough! pecs excellent, i recommend double up on squats and lunges! if i were really annoying i would say LOL!

apathetique 1893 days ago

this is adorable. TOO ADORABLE!

D_Train2002 1893 days ago

Ah, he's on the fast track to becoming a below average deputy...

Echo_44 1893 days ago

That is so funny!

lucypapoosky 1893 days ago

That may be the single greatest thing i've ever seen.

comedyhipster 1893 days ago

Get him wearing those shorts young to follow in his father's footsteps...or his shorts

msnana 1893 days ago


txsarts 1893 days ago

Be sure to save a copy for his therapist later on. ;D

dirty_snowflake 1893 days ago

That is amazing! I am cracking up!