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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Training 2day w/ @eurosport's Vincent who does @planetlance. Watch 2 C who's 1st on the Tourmalet.

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2252 days ago

Training 2day w/ 's Vincent who does . Watch 2 C who's 1st on the Tourmalet.


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popovelo 2231 days ago

In my team we are all cycling fans prodalzhavay you will achieve your tseelta

lowieluyten 2243 days ago

planet armstrong great program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

allonsypyrenees 2251 days ago the next time your training in the Pyrenees.

jul31 2251 days ago

Wish I could do it with you (Lance) sometime

billy1957whizz 2252 days ago

'Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into, Stanley'. All that's missing are the bowler hats !!!!!

Raisondart 2252 days ago

Road the Tourmalet last year 2 days before the Tour. Hard as hell!

rubbaman 2252 days ago

Let me guess... the 10th man for the TdF RadioShack team!

LarryBirdy 2252 days ago

I bet he can beat you downhill any day!

mikeonhisbike1 2252 days ago

Whoa...Are you on the right or left Lance? Can't tell :)

tttripowerhouse 2252 days ago

Looks like a sprinter ?

Smudge64 2252 days ago

Scary glimpse of future self if you celebrate every ride with donuts? Or ad for the 2010 remake of Twins?

HKeylin 2252 days ago

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong...

alejoint666 2252 days ago

q buena foto lance. vamos Vincent a poner en alto a los pansones

AmishFlyers66 2252 days ago

King Of Queens' Kevin James joins Team RadioShack?! That shot's a beauty, go Vincent go!

johnkurc 2252 days ago

Vince could help with the crosswinds. Come ride 24 Hours of Booty with us.

caroviarmes 2252 days ago

Vincent in the car ! thanks for all the video on Eurosport!
Have a good fresh beer tonight!!

anne_m1 2252 days ago

I think there is still much work to Vincent !! LOL

NJABass 2252 days ago

haha, great photo! Lance you need to lose a bit of weight! ;-) He's gonna show you up tourmalet!

go24 2252 days ago