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Eddies side job?

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2192 days ago

Eddies side job?


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Tareq1R 1938 days ago

i knew it!!!!! there was some secret about the good food of chilies :D it was Eddie the whole time!

K0shka 2084 days ago

ahahah Guys you cool! its very happy! Eddie <3 from Russia

KristinaKluge 2177 days ago

eddie you are a allround talend :D

OnerepublicLvr 2187 days ago

Lol. xD

Jane_Nina_1R 2190 days ago

LOL :)) It's so amazing :D

Im_Much_Better 2191 days ago

Loll xDD

Tara1507Mac 2191 days ago

so you won ´t need to rise his salary

Jarretnel 2191 days ago

haha,do you have time for side job...I think the drums are better idea :D

TheLadyLambo 2191 days ago

could u please hire me?? i need a job right now!! im broke!! hahaha xoxo

NicLuvs1R 2191 days ago

ha ha ha - so you normally cook for the guys, right? ;)

joanneinabox 2191 days ago

LOL throw some chillies to the crowd next time you're on tour!

CandyMRomero 2191 days ago


DianaERomero 2191 days ago

haha awesome!

JLatinFireSA 2191 days ago


OneRepublic 2191 days ago

That's what I do!!! No, but Thanks Chris (2 Dogs)!

MelKNorman74 2192 days ago

Haha....that's funny and Yeah don't work too hard Eddie!!!!!!

surfroxy 2192 days ago

Haha - Don't work too hard Eddie! :D P.s Can I have a job please?? Lol

Mahira_1R 2192 days ago


Inkofmaiden 2192 days ago

the resemblance is striking...

roxy_1RGC 2192 days ago

ahahaha))) what a shame Eddie! :D