EW inside photo K/R/T - @christinagan @cybermelli @lauraashley13 @heylissa @tracyxlee @kspice75

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2140 days ago

EW inside photo K/R/T -


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RealOrNotReal 2139 days ago

Uhhhhh,..I wanna be Kristen's hand. lol

itssophiedes 2140 days ago

awww this is soo cute :)

HaylesRock 2140 days ago

i love that pic!

Rob_MeSeduz 2140 days ago

HAAAAAAAAAA que lindOOO... seduzentees xD

BinzMac 2140 days ago

So cute:)

DevotedToKStew 2140 days ago

Kristen is WOW!!!

DevotedToKStew 2140 days ago

OMG sooooo HOT!!!

Twilight_Spice 2140 days ago

Wow Kristen looks so beautiful & Tay & Rob look great 2

Roxxxx3 2140 days ago

ma lei proprio non ce la fa a lasciarlo stare eh?!?!? :-/

andrecespedes 2140 days ago

OMG q bellooooooooooooooooooooos

RKsAllyCat82 2140 days ago

OMG..Absolutely BEAUTIFUL ..Rob & Kristen are total perfection. I love ROBSTEN! lil Tay is cute too

KJN52 2140 days ago

ummm. why wasn't this the cover? Instead of the 2 guys? Look at how R and K are so in tuned!

TaystenLove 2140 days ago

It looks stupid. It'll never beat this http://tinyurl.com/2392kyf

tinieh 2140 days ago

ripping off his clothes.? ^^ we should cut away taylor

lroy6 2140 days ago

This should have been the cover pic.

praj_kpat 2140 days ago

i cannot stop looking at this picture ..jeez..look at rob and kris ..they are like made for each other

60z 2140 days ago

aw....they are so beautiful,,,and kristen and rob... so much chemistry:))))

Pattefron 2140 days ago

This is GORGEOUS. omg i love how K is holding on to R :) so sweet

LightInHisEyes 2140 days ago

sooooooo cute!!!!Rob's smile is GORGEOUS!!!!and Kristen shows her preference by grabing Rob's chest!!i love ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katyyt 2140 days ago

OMFG !!! They are sooo hot