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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

I just twitted...or tweeted...

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2874 days ago

I just twitted...or tweeted...


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Ashley10_26 2175 days ago


SatansSist3r 2369 days ago

did it feel good? lol

jessesoul 2412 days ago

your first time in twitter or what ?? LOL!!! :D

croscountrychik 2552 days ago

Only comment today!!!!! :)

yuriuniversal 2563 days ago

que no te importe que se ria el de atras no te apenes jejeje

JackStallings 2570 days ago

Thanks Ellen, for just being yourself. It's a good lesson for all of us!

JackStallings 2570 days ago

Thanks Ellen, for just being yourself. It's a good lesseon for allof us!

AntoLaHumana 2687 days ago

yot are the best Ellen I live in Argentina and i now how you are i love you progarm and i love that your program sees here

Stephanie181187 2705 days ago

ooooooooooo yes twitted taS COOL

jessejaynas 2708 days ago

Twiitata.. In finnish..

AmaliaDLCruz 2711 days ago

Whatever.... Is the same...

Drailher 2711 days ago

Are you happy about or no bueno...not sure, your face is telling me secrets...LOL

alyd1193 2711 days ago

you tweeted and mr rogers watched???

roxanaja 2711 days ago

hi ellen, it s really really fun your show.. i loved!! saludes desde El Salvador..!! Centro America! :)

suziejonas 2719 days ago

awesome i just joined....and now im like, "now what?" lol i dont know what to do!!! hahaha

shelbyavicea 2723 days ago


eriiiiwadafxup 2735 days ago

Ellen! I love youuu, I really think I'm your #1 fan. I think your hilarious, and I watch like every show. I yell at my mom so she can change the channel to your show.. Yeah, happy i'm moving out soon, haha. But anyways, just wanted to say hello,i love you

sarah_henry74 2739 days ago

Ellen, you probally get about a million comments per day. So, what why would it hurt to get another comment? Well, your a good person, and you are pretty funny. (Probally won't see this, so yeah) Keep it up Ellen, good work.

Jerseygurl816 2740 days ago

I like this pic, very genuine!! You look good!!

lu_lu05 2764 days ago

U seriously look differant there wat is the go u look like a stund mullet!