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I'm on tour. Check for tickets. Bye.

Totally trashing my dressing room in Portland with @danlevy! #dangerouslydelicious

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2313 days ago

Totally trashing my dressing room in Portland with ! #dangerouslydelicious


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matthew60202 2312 days ago

you r such a fool, lol

K24grl 2312 days ago

what a bad ass lmao

lovelyrita2077 2313 days ago

love it! you guys were funny last night!

kitty_baroque 2313 days ago

The one with CHERRY is the best!

tiffemari 2313 days ago

Fage! It ain't no generic ish... you crazy Aziz.. must be ballA! .

ClassicScotty 2313 days ago

I work in the dairy dept of a store in portland. i might have put that out!

PanjabiArch 2313 days ago

Throw some honey on that shiiii!

robrousseau 2313 days ago

Whoa, settle down Aziz. You've changed man, it used to be about the comedy. #realtalk

CaitlinWerner 2313 days ago

mix some granola up in that bitch!

LENism 2313 days ago

wow, who's the thug eating 2%?

Lissie_A 2313 days ago


Zordabo 2313 days ago

That is so fucken bad ass! New breaking bad season is based around your exploits!

FullMetalJerk 2313 days ago

Bam that just happened

olivao87 2313 days ago

You guys are some real rebels...

Saritch 2313 days ago

What is it???

Yeezyf 2313 days ago

oh behave...

kisekaedoll 2313 days ago

You rebel. Settle down!