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miichmiima 2450 days ago

Tony Stark's house!

Luiisa 2838 days ago

So, is the house getting s total makeover or are you just rebuilding it? Either way, this picture makes me so happy! I can't wait until the movie comes out... sure I have a while to wait, but still! :D

mcrcreative 2844 days ago

THE dream pad number ONE

mixta110 2850 days ago

You made Tony Stark great in Iron-man. I didnt like him in the comics, but on film he has charm and wit. Great work all round.

awalt80 2851 days ago

I think you need to add a little more space for the dinning room...

rodthompson 2869 days ago

Grats on Scarlett and FINALLY getting Mickey Rourke. No doubt you'll rock the box office next summer.

luge 2869 days ago

Looks like a hefty set; looking forward to seeing this filled with Stark Industries gizmo-logy... Excelsior!

daftjaxx80 2870 days ago

I'm still waiting for PCU 2 Jon!

davidc630 2870 days ago

you really surprised us with the last movie, this is really looking promising already. keep up the good work!!

VonAwesome 2871 days ago

Looks like there will be lots of stairs for Tony to fall down in a drunken stupor...IF you make him into an alcoholic like in the comics.'s gonna be a kickass set.

MaxWerkmeister 2871 days ago

When you're done using that set, can I live in it?

ultramanj 2871 days ago

Are you recreating the house as a set? Does this mean there will be more damage? Would love to see the Black stealth armor. hint hint

John_Dugan 2871 days ago

After you are wrapped, can I live there??

elodieee 2871 days ago

grzat pic!please jon when the shooting begin exactly?April?thank!!

xxJERSEYxx 2872 days ago

The Set looks great! Love the updates, I sent my resume last week to the production office for a PA position here is to luck!!!

peachesmagee 2872 days ago

Sooo glad I started following you sir. Looking forward to more juicy little teases from IM2 :)

htownscott 2872 days ago

Looks like your studs are too far apart

tayfoy 2872 days ago

Jon - I love that you are taking Twitter seriously. Thanks for the Iron Man 2 juicy updates! Keep 'em coming.

OldManSanders 2872 days ago

That looks like Mr.Libatique with you, two of my favorites! Pretty excited, congrats

LouiseMercer 2872 days ago

can't wait, absolutely beautiful house =D