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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

Last day. Last shot. Last scene. Last slate.  Still more tweets to come. Hanx

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1800 days ago

Last day. Last shot. Last scene. Last slate. Still more tweets to come. Hanx


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Hankstastic 1571 days ago

Ben sana ölürüm ölür

Poley00g 1572 days ago

demonised Hi take a look at

nfiking 1572 days ago

Hey Tom....Looks like you lost a few LB' are back in fighting shape...Hey Now!! the way, as an aside...Private Ryan not winning best picture??...a joke that will forever live...a mockery of a sham of a double travesty of an erzasical farce...

sandygranato 1677 days ago

When will it be released? lol sg

pniki 1694 days ago

So cute....

DongMarie 1702 days ago'd it go Hanx?! Best of luck to you always

ChandrasInLove 1704 days ago

what a face! wish i was ur momma! hahahaha

carolynoneil 1705 days ago

Do you know my friend Miles O'Brien from CNN who covered science and space?
Think you could play the CNN story....oh...forgot ...we have to make it a wilder
story.......but all of us at CNN features.. uhmmm we could come up with lots of stor

eirinka 1711 days ago

adorable as always... ♥ Greetings from Greece! :-)

hayley30 1712 days ago

cant wait to see this....greatest actor ever :)

cidhinnia 1712 days ago

looking great as always!

AzaCross 1712 days ago

OMGGG love you Hanx you're the bomb!!!!! :D

fbain 1717 days ago

this is my first time here on twitter , and it feels weird, never text a star before but do you reply tom? to any text, haven't got the time i suppose ,well good luck, your a great actor

annas277 1721 days ago

run Forest run;)) u r a great actor,best regards from Poland!!

zebraoverground 1725 days ago

Mr. Hanks, would you be interested in helping get a movie about saving the rainforest off the ground? ram

mirzoevafozil 1729 days ago


johnnydianna 1738 days ago

how the hell do you keep on getting younger and i get older

misachqn 1743 days ago

I love youuuuuu <333 from Japan

marianawahlberg 1745 days ago

Tom. Congrats. You're the love of my life....

MayaBerlin 1749 days ago

I love you ! :)