Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Nice reading glasses, @johanbruyneel.

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2200 days ago

Nice reading glasses, .


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suzzi4u 2199 days ago

"You better watch it, I've got my four-eyes on you!!!!"

julianaWM 2199 days ago

Just u wait, ur next.

MollysKennels 2199 days ago

I WANT YOU !!!! Come ride for me !

RealPolish 2199 days ago

finger bang bang.

jamlongo 2200 days ago


arokalessin 2200 days ago

I can't believe it. You look younger with the glasses.

caroviarmes 2200 days ago

Lance, take care!!You are a player...
but a day..Johan will have his revenge!!!!

DCRUZ547 2200 days ago

OOOh !! Behave !!

LarryBirdy 2200 days ago

Austin (Texas) Powers. Yeaaah Baaby, you go climb them grooovy Cols.....

bikekern 2200 days ago

Austin Powers man of mystery, shackadelic

bobmcmahan 2200 days ago

Very funny. Who took the picture?

anne_m1 2200 days ago

Oh My God, wish I had a teacher like Johan in my high school. Love this when You guys have fun!!!

Eli_Eli_Eli 2200 days ago

Get me a pair please. Have you seen how beautiful his wife is. I'll pay any price. LOL

schuijtjes 2200 days ago


EarlaRiopel 2200 days ago

Glasses? For Johan? If you like swimming make sure you have contact lenses! :) I had mine lasered.

timVcarls 2200 days ago

ah, so that is the secret to being the 'manager extraordinaire'... or you just got in big trouble for taking the shot...nice.

MJFan062509 2200 days ago

HAHAHAHAHA! "Lance don't you dare take that pic!" Whoops too late! Hilarious pic! Love it!