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2755 days ago


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vitejose 2753 days ago

Wow. Apple is doing this just so they don't get sued. Hey, while words like that aren't used lightly, they still happen. Zero-Tolerance.

akirau 2755 days ago

F or what kind of reason must such
U gly restrictions be made to
C ounter such inoffensive words! I must
K now that Apple should do better than that.

A m I wrong? do
P eople accept such
P ersistent control over what they
L oath to write? I think

TimeCube 2755 days ago

I like the Cydia idea. It lets "bad" apps like Qik, Flixwagon, Snapture, and especially ClearCam still be sold. Plus, Apple doesn't get a cut.

rmm5t 2755 days ago

Perhaps mobile safari should also be rejected, because it's also capable of displaying cuss words.

sp_ce 2755 days ago

I just read the changelog of 1.3 and all I can say is: I WANT IT!

sp_ce 2755 days ago

downright ridiculous...

ericagee 2755 days ago

As an iPhone user who bought and loves Tweetie, I have a message for Apple: Let me decide if I give a frak about bad words in my trends. from the other developer who commented on having to build a bad words filter for their app, I'm worried we're getting

zoecorkhill 2755 days ago

most ridiculous app store rejection ever!

mrteacup 2755 days ago

Is it because Trends has swearwords, or because the screenshot of Tweetie u want Apple to display has swearwords?

daiktana 2755 days ago

that's so stupid!

operanut1972 2755 days ago

Sum1, has a b up Thor collective arse's. If I wish 2 swear, who the hell r Apple 2 tell me otherwise. Wake up people, we live in a real world! GDI wot a load of Male Bovine Ecrement!

SnorkelPop 2755 days ago

Guess we need to add a bad word filter to Safari too. And Mail.app. And Twitteriffic. And... I think we see where this is going. Apple is being majorly anal about this.

_Everaldo 2755 days ago

I got! The Apple app store revisior is the Chinese web revision committee.

crowded 2755 days ago

And here's a screenshot - http://twitpic.com/1zfrm

crowded 2755 days ago

We just had the same issue with our new Twitter Weather app called "Human Weather". One of the comments contained a bad word and they rejected the app. We had to develop a "bad word" filter and now they have approved it!

ndeuma 2755 days ago

That's exactly why I'll never buy the iPhone (let alone develop for it) until you can legally install apps from other sources.

pfterry 2755 days ago

Can you say Cydia?