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My name is Mike. I play guitar and touch computers.

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hermionedanger 2142 days ago

ASCAP is not speaking for us musicians. This is about making money, not protecting us.

NeroSchwarz 2146 days ago

Royalty collection societies are government-licensed price-fixing cartels. FUD = self protection.

heyaudy 2146 days ago

Is the FSF next?

kerrin 2158 days ago

Why are the ASCAP spreading such lies. I for one have contacted them letting my views known.

winterstream 2160 days ago

"the ultimate loser will be the music consumer". Their altruism is a little insincere.

carlosjohn 2161 days ago

Is the truth that EFF and Creative Commons "simply" do not want to pay for the use of music?

lol, who wrote this??

Gopindra 2162 days ago

These groups (EFF, Creative Commons, etc.) are actually empowering copyright holders to freely distribute media under terms of their choosing. These groups are making no claims over material that ASCAP holds rights to. Total FUD. . .

ornitorrinco 2164 days ago

FUD part 1

_brant 2165 days ago

Technology employs many more people than music or hollywood - and with better jobs too.

be_seeing_you 2165 days ago

ASCAP, MPAA, RIAA is about protecting the distribution channel, not the artists, composers, etc.

BFIrrera 2165 days ago

This is such bullshit...

colindean 2165 days ago

oh, they made a funny

Ivoryblossum 2166 days ago

what are they worried about? Congress belongs to Hollywood