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Evening Herald prints most insane headline of all time

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1805 days ago

Evening Herald prints most insane headline of all time


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Zork490 1576 days ago

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sematalba 1748 days ago

only in america, i love it

Shanaz92 1765 days ago

Ummmm, epic.

fdagomes 1792 days ago

The online article is filled with gems, such as "The accused was escorted out and had to be asked to partially deflate her costume so she could get out the door."

artieblew 1800 days ago

sounds like a bit of a marathon to me

annierenae 1802 days ago

This just adds a whole new dimension to cross dressing

PerpetuaRebelo 1804 days ago


canuckerrant 1804 days ago

I hope this results in a return to the old "summarize everything in the title" school of writing.

Screamqueenarmy 1804 days ago


Robintheoffice 1804 days ago

You don't need to bother writing the article that follows when you've got a headline as good as that!

woodrackets 1804 days ago

He was looking for Mr. Goodbar.

PeteOMalley 1804 days ago

Someone ate too much cheese before bedtime

Bankrobber2607 1805 days ago

who's stronger: woman dressed as sumo or man as Snickers? there's only one way to find out! FIGHT!!

woodiegrl 1805 days ago

yes the graphic design errors, THAT'S the problem!

jegwon 1805 days ago

oops some woman is stronger than man

constantinopoly 1805 days ago

Yeah the "headline" is wayy too long. They must know it's ridiculous. minus 10 for graphic designer

showcaseJase 1805 days ago

Any chance of a video re-enactment?

marcberanger 1805 days ago

If I had a nickel for everytime that happened

lyndsayj 1805 days ago

A headline that's 4 decks over 7 columns? Disgusting fucking layout.

DammitFreehaven 1805 days ago

That's pretty insane, yeah.