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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

Was just handed this!

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2609 days ago

Was just handed this!


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joseochoa66 2605 days ago

chip z nuff was on Stern. Goes to show how the world searched that name since nobody knows who that band was but gay Stern, who always had a hard on for that band.

diamondgirl40 2608 days ago

i can't believe k-rock is playing that shit...they suck big time..blahhhh boycotting here too...

uncabubba 2608 days ago

Who will listen now that it 's just highschool music?

DolFanJenn 2608 days ago

I am also boycotting k-rock

greekolas 2609 days ago

Boycotting K-rock....

smokingluckys 2609 days ago

Struff's gonna get some hits from this - Literal Luckys

duckweedmafia 2609 days ago

Struff is going to shit a fucking brick.

djheatherww 2609 days ago

now my ocd is going to make me google this crap. OCD sucks!!!!!

Rosie21 2609 days ago

='/ not cool. this makes me want to CRY!!!!! RADIO IS DEAD! lol

Meowcrazy 2609 days ago

lindastrasberg 2609 days ago

Google What's the coolest invention since the remote control...

mongothetrucker 2609 days ago

Struff must be jerking like a chimp!

mlarsson00 2609 days ago

Shouldn't babes of radio be highlighted as well? C'mon, like I'm the only one!

nneptune 2609 days ago

PHUCK! There's a Maytag recall??????

aholecop 2609 days ago

CONSUMER QUEEN #1.......FUCK YEAH.....!!!!!

donovanfromwpg 2609 days ago

Why isn't SFB not doing rundowns? I'm sure O&A could make this happen.

StevenBayShore 2609 days ago

Holy fuck. Now THAT'S depressing.

jojo5051 2609 days ago

great no more rundown, now what is SFB going to not get paid for?

OpticronPrimal 2609 days ago

Now there's nowhere to go but slightly down and then up and then stay there, dip a bit and then come back up.

hollowasme 2609 days ago

Wait so you guys are popular? 0.0 hoo hoo. Every orbitcast post about you guys has that shit from stern fans. It's
hack, it's tired.