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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

East Side Dave bothering Steven Adler.

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2727 days ago

East Side Dave bothering Steven Adler.


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MitchInTexas 2724 days ago

Kenny is looking at Dave's butt with lust in his eyes

purplehaze420 2726 days ago


BRA_BOMBER 2727 days ago

Dave Rocks he's always on. He's a great radio tool. You can always use him. It's like putting the show on auto pilot

RAB_Mi 2727 days ago

Esd is funny. He plays it a little over the top and by a little I mean a whole lot.

indy_mike 2727 days ago

omg... you guys do realize that Opie LOVES ESD and the energy he brings into the studio when he is on right? He is one of the hardest working guys on either staff - If O, A or R and F felt he was not liked by a majority of the listeners you wouldn't hea

WillBock 2727 days ago

Dave is a fake douche bag attention whore.Digital Video Discs, what an asshole. He makes R&F very hard to listen to.

randyholding 2727 days ago

someone else already said it. esd is funny, but he is a radio whore,he is worse than black earl, always there at the studio, always

gluesniffer 2727 days ago

where can I get those carpets.

aholecop 2727 days ago

oh no dave....steve hates red heads...!

kitn1mcc 2727 days ago

Dave rules. Gotta love kenny just sitting there with his dry hair. All u end haters just die

Brooksi 2727 days ago

Yo! I'm with da band, man!

Rorschach7 2727 days ago

Mr McDonald! =)

jojo5051 2727 days ago

opie you like cringe, you must be loving dave yuk!

The_Hoagie 2727 days ago

So....which one is strung out?

ConfuzedMind 2727 days ago

Esd is a radio show whore. whether on r&f or o&a, he needs attention. cant stand him.

Caseyelan 2727 days ago


Shiteetah 2727 days ago

Is ESD using the mic to show Steve what he'd like to do to him in the restroom?

surfdog50 2727 days ago

bummed you wont be in norfolk anymore...will have to get sattelite now...nah..

swissmiss77 2727 days ago

He's a fan boy.

swissmiss77 2727 days ago

He's a fan boy.