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This headline is hilarious! Ugh!!

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2185 days ago

This headline is hilarious! Ugh!!


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purplehaze420 2183 days ago

this is a fake...Howard said u guys werent in the paper

ladyz0e 2184 days ago

-insert obvious joke about M. Steward's pooch-
Pffft. "Its going to be ttly different from z100, guyz! seriously! We mean it this time!" I hope it fails as hardcore as Freefm did. jerkfaces.

Bergstrum 2184 days ago

Martha marinated her pooch in a lime chipotle' sauce and served it over risotto with a nice chardonnay

rawpowa 2185 days ago

nobody even listens to music on the radio. except those twing twangs or whoever they hell they are.. :)

gumhead 2185 days ago

That poor puppy

cbw79 2185 days ago

Twitter must be jerking themselves off now that their name is published in two NY papers.

steelwolf76 2185 days ago

a bunch of dushes

shxc426 2185 days ago


Hey_Asshole 2185 days ago

Ha! that kennel is right up the road from me.....oh wait, the other story.

BoBoe53 2185 days ago

Every time O&A get canceled, God kills a puppy.

viperjohn 2185 days ago

that really sucks

spikeschilde621 2185 days ago

that dog looks like the business end of Bawby.

alcoholandirony 2185 days ago

Does that mean they are picking up mancow in the morning?? Fuck that guy.

BigBryC 2185 days ago

How can I read about O&A and be upbeat when there's a story about a goddamned dog dying!

aholecop 2185 days ago

great now i can hear the same music in the mall , the car, the supermarket, the doctors office..........

RandomNY 2185 days ago

Stewart's puppy was killed that is funny stuff.

rumermill 2185 days ago


jdbananaman 2185 days ago

What a punch of pinheads

payne6705 2185 days ago

lol @ dog

DolFanJenn 2185 days ago

Like there aren't enough friggin Top 40 stations out there... RIDICULOUS