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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

opie's eye...another one to add to my collection...tee hee

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2611 days ago

opie's eye...another one to add to my collection...tee hee


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frizzmatic 2610 days ago

who the fuck needs a hit list seriously i think its safe to say if u drive for a living u have a fucking i pod with your top 40 bull shit, sucks for everyone else who dosnt have serious xm, but now a days its tough money wise so i just feel bad for those

BRA_BOMBER 2610 days ago

Should of back up the show with CARBONITE. Frrrrrrrrrrrrrunkis

Johoff23 2610 days ago

XM is the only thing I pay for that I get my money's worth. It may be bad for the overall show but I smiled this morning when I heard Ecstasy of Gold. The good ol' days are back...

joeverk 2610 days ago

yeah and I gotta man up and pay another 3 bucks to listen on the internet? fuck you xm.

thepaisan 2610 days ago

Damn, knew this was going down but I guess it's time to man-up and get XM or Sirrius...

beachpatt 2610 days ago

That quote from Howard is really pathetic. When is he going to move on already. He is such a dick. Is he going to make it difficult for you guys at XM? He's already made it clear he hates your guts. Can he get you fired at XM? Let him try..........

shxc426 2611 days ago

haha always 'radio bad boys' or 'controversial radio hosts'...stupid predictable newswriters

alreason 2611 days ago

ughh this makes me want to vomit (like bob kelly does for EVERYTHING). i hope the radio station completely goes under. u guys are great. just picked up xm today!!

lisaannvictoria 2611 days ago

fucking assholes!!!! we already have at least two top forty bullshit stations in NY.

spikeschilde621 2611 days ago

also since they called the stunt the wrong name...

spikeschilde621 2611 days ago

jesus are they ever gonna let up on the st pat's thing?

adolfoa 2611 days ago

Krock sucks!! Much love boys from los angeles! Thank God for XM!

Funks29 2611 days ago

Radio in NYC must suck If this is the first time they have had choise of hit music in 30 years. Screw Them.

edbaxter 2611 days ago

CBS is a steaming pile of CUNTS.

hairyass 2611 days ago

Fuck a bunch of CBS radio. Been an XM subscribers since Dec 2001. I pay good radio cuz I want it.

tonyeric 2611 days ago

er uh, XM/Sirius(?) that is.

tonyeric 2611 days ago

definitely gonna go XM now. the hunt starts today baby.

HammondEgger 2611 days ago

In this economy who has 43 cents a day to listen to the radio ..THIS GUY !! XM 202 O&A R&F 12-3 !