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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

opie's eye(5:15am)...dawn of a new day!

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2787 days ago

opie's eye(5:15am)...dawn of a new day!


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NateDoggCA 2784 days ago

Opie...you guys are the only reason I still have XM/inno!!! Otherwise, 95% of my music comes from my iPhone (Pandora, etc). Keep up the great work! Also, you should push XM/Sirius to continue (or start) an iPhone app. That will really open up iPhone cus

nerdo5 2786 days ago

Thanks for keeping it going, despite all of the shit.

Greygoosesplash 2786 days ago

I signed up just to say how pissed I am , I had a nice day off yesterday after the FH Rileys st pats day and wake up to shit on the radio I have Sirius now I must by XM too they need to give us a deal your demo is more then the male demo too how about edu

nneptune 2786 days ago

Fantastic show today! Keep your spirits up, Mr. Opie! You guys are still the best in the biz!

Meowcrazy 2786 days ago

just ordered a portable so I hear you guys at work-fuck 'em. 92.3 NOW FM - r u kidding ?!? Another plj or z100 - OMG !!!

Bralio 2787 days ago

You guys have the greatest jobs on the planet - mad envy my man

bryanrhughes 2787 days ago

That is a great shot of the XM Studio. I wish you guys were staying there instead of having to move again.

uzbekjoe 2787 days ago

Black Earls old apartment looks great

ohhkt1 2787 days ago

no O&A at the lap pool this morning only lap swimmers to laugh at and they aren't that funny hafe nake but not funny. One sad Swim Instructor at 6:30 am.

DannyBayRidge 2787 days ago

Those chairs must stink with all of Bob Kelly's farts!!! Jimmy's too!!!

charliemoreno 2787 days ago

now i wake up just to listen on my blackburraaaahhhhhh.

hairyass 2787 days ago

Can we resume attacking on the street news report, particularly, the CBS douche bags?

fallenarch 2787 days ago

YOU'RE GONNA BE OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CT_BigDaddy 2787 days ago

Big Radio strikes again.

Lady_Trucker 2787 days ago

To answer so of the questions posted here. Serius 197 is the virus channel you can hear O&A and Ron&Fez. If you can't afford satellite you can get a free pal talk account and listen live in O&A rooms. Also go to foundrymusic.com and check out pest websigh

MissLindsey420 2787 days ago

now THAT'S where you fancy men should be doing radio show.

dasbeermeister 2787 days ago


irishdiablo 2787 days ago

Now THAT is a pimp ass studio!

agoodhartz 2787 days ago

I'm so sad - I don't have an XM unit for my car yet.

ArchStanton66 2787 days ago

Love this studio