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ready to face the stage alone.

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2606 days ago

ready to face the stage alone.


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Sizoe 2575 days ago

Oh you are bold Amanda! I can't wait to see you in.. 3 days I hope. If you aren't still sick.

Lisa_Furter 2576 days ago

Gorgeous makeup. ily

curseofthefurse 2589 days ago

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you, Miss. Palmer.

pinkflyodian 2597 days ago

Awesome picture, you are never alone onstage there are always fans there and you help them escape there simple lives and make them feel alive, you open there hearts and souls and even if it is for one night you bring us alive .You are awesome and glad y

myfavoritejam 2598 days ago

must've been weird to have all that empty space. but you're never alone. I'm sure you handled it well enough.

devilgossip 2598 days ago

You are not alone. There are a thousand fingers waiting to wave hello as soon as you step foot on stage. Most of them are friendly folks, or so the rumor goes.

freakydeak 2600 days ago

Awesome pic!

xdiabsoulex 2604 days ago

Marvelous... new plans. I will be driving to New Orleans to see you. How exciting. xoxo

AnnabelleWhite 2605 days ago

You were fucking awesome. Best show I've ever been to!

bunnirific 2605 days ago

I love your eye makeup like that!

2_point_0 2605 days ago

i can't wait to run into you on the lovely 6th street... since i can't afford sxsw :( but i may make a trip down to houston!

chockfullomoxie 2605 days ago

Oh and thanks for the twitter pics! I am addicted to this display window of your tiny world!

chockfullomoxie 2605 days ago

I bet you did amazing. I'll check out youtube for clips, put them on the iPod to watch during my smoke break.

auntiepeach 2606 days ago

You fucking KILLED last night love. Thanks for the interview with express as well, we'll be putting that together this week.

rewpart 2606 days ago

GO FOR IT! Your awesome!

alexandrafancy 2606 days ago

you are such an awesome party on your own, you will kick ass alone or with a thousand danger ensemblets. amen sista.

paradoxsmiles 2606 days ago

stunning. you're AMAZING!

kurtismarsh 2606 days ago

but you do such a good job,

zombiezombie 2606 days ago

You look absolutely beautiful as always! Good luck!

foolspawn 2606 days ago

Rainbow eyes ^_^ Were Auckland nice kiwis, or do we need to annex them for insolence? :P