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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Driving through the British countryside. Fast.

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2226 days ago

Driving through the British countryside. Fast.


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altareal 2216 days ago

One of my dreams....Driving through the British countryside.

PamelaheavenWV 2224 days ago

Looks like a WV road curvy! :=0

RaymieS 2225 days ago

Watch out for those dumb ass TopGear presenters Jeremy Clarkson,bet you can beat the Stig on the track ! ;)

_Bryony_ 2225 days ago

So glad you are seeing some of our country. We have great hills, rivers, mountains and lakes here.

RADRIANG 2225 days ago

If you don't know what side of the road to drive on just go right down the middle I always say.

BlushingEagle 2225 days ago

That can't be Britain! The sky is blue and there's no rain! :o)

bpfan40 2225 days ago

Enjoy your stay! Can't wait to see you in 30 days in Toronto, Canada! Safe travels!

eharnagel 2225 days ago

Top Gear !

Arnd 2226 days ago

If you could drive as fast as your car goes you would be in Germany... But as you are in the UK, I will fly over on Thursday to see you perform live :D

UKDeb 2226 days ago

That Chris is a mentalist.

imspanky 2226 days ago

Cayenne porsche coupe! Sweet :)

imspanky 2226 days ago

Just don't pick the guitar from the left :-)

MaryK61 2226 days ago

Keep it up and you'll be renaming one of your songs..."Mr. Bobbie" soon.

spaundrummer1 2226 days ago

that looks so

blueberry1984 2226 days ago

yeah! :D I'm Flying to London from the netherlands to see you live!

denverbr1 2226 days ago

Wow! What a georgeous picture Brad!

JesstheBradfan 2226 days ago

Nice! head over to Germany if ya wanna really drive Fast!

mo_freestyle 2226 days ago

I love England it's beautifull

Triv72 2226 days ago

and what's all this about being on the 'wrong' side of the road??? LOL

Triv72 2226 days ago

We drive fast???