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-Super Junior- 이동해 연기 , 무대 , 버릴수 없다 ....

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YeraInvasion 2230 days ago

Hermoso Donghae ♥

saree_arch 2230 days ago


lo0oloo123 2271 days ago

oh~ donghae oppa I love you and I Miss you T_T دونقهي احبك ELf arab ,K.S.A O_O

lo0oloo123 2278 days ago

oppa donghae I Love you and I Miss you
ELF arab ,K.S.A

lo0oloo123 2305 days ago

아름다운.. 당신을 사랑합니다 <3 احبك
ELF arab , k.s.a

0228apple 2338 days ago

Orange Caramel -《사랑을 미룰 순 없나요 》愛情可以延後嗎?Love Does Not Wait

0228apple 2338 days ago

0228apple 2349 days ago

0228apple 2349 days ago

(서인영) 徐仁英 - 사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다 寫著愛情 唱著傷悲 live Chinese subtitles

0228apple 2350 days ago

東海:Yesterday in Taiwan, Valentine's day ! SORRY NO HAPPY!! Deceived heart hurts!!Love man marriage!! Full House OST

0228apple 2350 days ago

東海和大家都要幸福!不要跟我一樣當愛情傻瓜!After School - Because of you MV T-ara 謊言 Lies MV T-Ara - 我很痛 I'm Really Hurt MV

0228apple 2354 days ago

[100812] SNSD & Super Junior SPAO CF

0228apple 2358 days ago

東海 希澈 kang in haha TV HAHA..................................

0228apple 2361 days ago

Super Junior Gee Sorry Sorry HA HA!! dance Gee & Sorry Sorry VERY FUNNY Please do not delete! Deleted..@@ == ..!one more time ! The last time!

lo0oloo123 2361 days ago

아름다운.. 당신을 사랑합니다 <3 احبك

0228apple 2362 days ago

東海 F4 LEE MIN HO Facebook HAHA!!Super Junior Facebook ?? Look forward to CY TWITTER FACEBOOK!!Very busy HAHA!!