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Lakers fans or douche bags? You decide.

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2357 days ago

Lakers fans or douche bags? You decide.


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qvo717 2356 days ago

D\Bags. The only good thing from LA was the Raiders and that was how long? Oh wait there was Tara Reid!

Kayleigh08x 2356 days ago

I'd say, judging by the "Boston Sucks" t-shirt, douche bags.

animal519 2357 days ago

someone is a little delerious from the gold spray paint!

meaguilar0907 2357 days ago

I say none of the above and vote for dipshits ;-)

dearapanic 2357 days ago

is right, is there even a difference?

beastiedarlings 2357 days ago

same thing

hamzadawud 2357 days ago

You come off as a d-bag just by saying that.

debbydebb 2357 days ago more like "baklas" haha

lochnessanyc 2357 days ago

Only Celtics fans can be d-bags so...

kittenasacat 2357 days ago

i'd say asshats moreso than douchebags, haha.

C_MONUFULOFSHIT 2357 days ago


primakay 2357 days ago


HeartlessSoul26 2357 days ago


hamzadawud 2357 days ago

What's the difference?