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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

I'm officially on the warpath. Who wants to join me? Info when I can....

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2665 days ago

I'm officially on the warpath. Who wants to join me? Info when I can....


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cannedparadox 2658 days ago

It's the Unabomber!

BrenKennedy 2663 days ago

Man. You got a face for radio.

blacktiesound 2663 days ago

you have my sword

TIWID 2663 days ago

Opie- Just got back to town yesterday morning and there was NOTHING? I cannot believe this- count me in

linda623 2663 days ago

Now I'll have to get myself fired, can't handle driving in back of numbnuts anymore :..(

greatwazoo42 2663 days ago

Urge to kill rising...rising...rising...

K-Rock just screwed the pooch royally. They lost me and a few other million people as listeners when they tossed you & A out on your keesters.

You guys will land on your feet, you always do, and we'll be t

1madukes 2663 days ago

What happened. When i turned the radio on yesterday at 5:45am to hear the day before's radio before the 6:00am show came on and heard music i thought Oh SH*T but then wanted to remain positve until 6am, 6:15, 6:30 came and no O&A. I'm severly bummed. I

whalessuck 2664 days ago

I'm inn.. I was almost in tears driving to work this morning. This is going to suck..

BRA_BOMBER 2664 days ago

Hell, I'm in

robpouria 2664 days ago

Where you go... I will follow.

APOCartman 2664 days ago

I'm in!

tjc1125 2664 days ago

Are you hiding your face because your wearing the SH_ _ Hoody ??

beachpatt 2664 days ago

Count me in. I emailed and called. Also told them they made a very bad decision and are ruining NY radio. Thank God I have XM

Pamela69 2664 days ago

I also emailed CBS twice. Iam so po'd I just can't stand it!

susie144 2664 days ago

Eff this $h!+. This is literal Sue (hey Jimmy) and I AM IN!

ligirl34 2664 days ago

count me in!

Meowcrazy 2664 days ago

joining ...

sonofantal 2664 days ago

This whole thing sucks big blue Dr. Manhattan Dick! OP - maybe now's the right time to write that behind the scenes book? I'd be all over reading that!

shirtgods 2664 days ago

How long has it been since you guys have called on the Pests? The time is now Lord Opie!

dicisinya 2664 days ago

Fuck Terrestrial. Nobody respects O&A. Makes me sick. I'm with ya.