Graham Linehan


I apologise in advance.

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2210 days ago


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linnea_jane 2204 days ago

there are so many things about this picture that make it odd. I don't know where to begin.

cheesepump 2210 days ago

"We're all gonna die!"

floraisadora 2210 days ago

Is that James Nesbitt in back?

KevBaz 2210 days ago

To be look more than intrigued.

jawabait 2210 days ago

You look like you're picking the pocket of the man in front of you.

DunkanDonuts 2210 days ago

Full marks to the kid for effort. Linehan - must try harder, you kind of look like your tackle is trapped under the safety bar...

mynameiscal 2210 days ago

I really want to see this on Crimewatch...

abulic_monkey 2210 days ago

the guy in the front has no legs or arms, he's smiling because he's become desensitised to the ride after being stuck on it for 12 years.

moogyboobles 2210 days ago

Haha has the man in front got legs?
Love to see this on the wall behind Moss' desk, go on, go on..

FlissDW 2210 days ago

Is the man in the back strangling the kid next to him?

BazCabernet 2210 days ago

What's with the three anally impaled meercats?

kearneykd 2210 days ago

How is the guy in front fitting into such a small space? Disney + Photoshop = Scandal

Booshette 2210 days ago

Now that is a creepy pic if ever I saw one...not least because of the obvious lack of personal space in the 1st row.

kearneykd 2210 days ago

Possums? Look the one's from Ice Age 2 (but that's not a Disney flick)

drewodrew 2210 days ago

"Ooh Christ!"

publicenergy 2210 days ago

If you ever write an autobiography, there's your cover right there :)

Tittybiscuit 2210 days ago

what da fuck...that looks like some kind of hideous nightmare..what are those horrid little floating rodents?