iPhone hacker

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Into_the_Mystic 2262 days ago

iPhone 3GS - twitpic doesn't seem 2 work for it. Why?

john_chou1966 2335 days ago

When I back up the SHSH file for the Iphone,i accidentally click the "Start The TSS Server" button,now everytime I run the Cydia,it prompted messgae " This Device Has A Pending TSS Request" . May I know how to remove/Cancel the request?

matloobali 2351 days ago

i have mu SHSH files saved on cydia but when i try to downgrade form it my device dn verified

crypticresponse 2352 days ago

How do I get it to show 4.0 up there? I used tinyumbrella days ago, but still not shown in Cydia. :(

BoogsterSU2 2352 days ago

i wanted it to support iOS 4 now. :(

vang302 2357 days ago

What does this mean? does this allow us to restore back to these firmwares without any errors?

Michael27983 2357 days ago

I dont have an Option in cydia, where is it? How can i do shsh backup. TinyUmbrella only Shows Conection Error.

raw_paranoia 2357 days ago

Mine have been backed up in 4 different locations for months now. Bring it on, I say 

inyourdreamsdf 2357 days ago

I am about to try!!!

AliTweel 2358 days ago

I'm seeking a clear simple answer, I have iPhone3G not 3Gs, does SHSH thing applies on my device? thanks!

FPSToast 2358 days ago

Within 2 hours of buying my ipad, i went home and i backed up the shsh file and jailbroke it XD

Team_Trial 2358 days ago

i have an iphone 3G on 3.1.3 and i cant save SHSH it wont allow through various options what do i do? if i update to 4.0 when its out can i unlock it to ORANGE?

AKi_nG 2358 days ago

if DONT currently have 3.1, or 3.1.2 can NEVER retrieve it, but get 3.1.3 while you can

TheEvangelion 2358 days ago

Okey im done )))... SHSH file saved :D

TheEvangelion 2358 days ago

googled. downloaded... Now dl java x32 couse my pc is x64 :/... What then i have to do? :P

luckystrike100 2358 days ago

As I said - just google for 'tinyumbrella' and download the version for you OS ;)

Michael928o 2358 days ago

My phone isnt' jailbreaked, can i still save it, or? - NO unlock 4 my simcard on my phone :(

luckystrike100 2358 days ago

Well, I don't know what the real reason behind this one is - but MuscleNerd knows something ;)

TheEvangelion 2358 days ago

I got in cydia this line. But do i have to save this SHSH? Couse at my job place i cant use iTunes.

luckystrike100 2358 days ago

Don't really know if it's 100% safe to do it this way - but I did it with Umbrella thingy. Google 'tinyumbrella' - and download "Windows(ALL)" (wouldn't test Beta in this situation if I were you)