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Modern Library's 100 Best Novels in English. And a readers' vote.

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2231 days ago

Modern Library's 100 Best Novels in English. And a readers' vote.


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mattryan5150 2230 days ago

Listed by Readers, not the Board: French Lieutenant's Woman, Wise Blood, Blood Meridian, Suttree

mattryan5150 2230 days ago

One can find fault with the Reader's List... OR discover the masterpieces not on the Board's List.

mattryan5150 2230 days ago

Rand belongs in this company. Both Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged appear in Radcliffe's rival list.

KellyFlorenceE 2230 days ago

Do people hate Ayn Rand because they've actually read her books or because South Park told them to

thehachmom 2230 days ago

4,5,6 on the readers list would all be on my list otherwise im closer to the critics

GeneDeLisa 2230 days ago

To be honest I've never heard of "Darkness at Noon" - which I'll remedy this week.

clown_shoes69 2230 days ago

I've seen this list before. The readers' list is garbage, other than 4-6.

DonalMason 2230 days ago

The "Readers" top 10 includes 7 of 10 voted for, without doubt, out of ideology. 3 as works of art.

avstand 2230 days ago

Proof! Ayn Rand fans: the only people crazier than scientologists.

YanagiTrebuchet 2230 days ago

I've also heard that the Board's List used questionable methodology for # ranking according to someone who was polled.

ksulzberger 2230 days ago

My guess is the Reader's List poll was taken at a scientology convention.

YanagiTrebuchet 2230 days ago

Saw this a month ago at ML's site. "Reader's" list had vote stuffing - vote once per 24hrs.

clashmatecait 2231 days ago

Just ignore 1-3 and 7-10.
Love the board's list.

AlecHosterman 2231 days ago

"Cartoon" fans are *not* morons (presuming you were referencing LoRings).

Edgarr89 2231 days ago

Rand is surely one of the worst authors of the 20th Century, and Hubbard is not far behind her.

greystgirl 2231 days ago

Yikes. But I have to say I'm impressed and surprised Twilight isn't on the Reader's List.

LizRECords 2231 days ago

Who are these "readers"? And why do they love Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard so damn much?

CohanLaw 2231 days ago

The Scientologists and the Cartoon Fans are out.. we are surrounded by morons.

Telke 2231 days ago

Incidentally, they did it for fun - don't take the Reader's top10 seriously at all.

Telke 2231 days ago

The "Readers" in question are certain denizens of the internet's depths. They manipulated the poll