Alyssa Milano


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1482 days ago


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P3EvieHalliwell 1216 days ago

very cute aly :)

dad_n2 1307 days ago

Go Red sox

wende_01 1356 days ago

Are you sure this isn't Tony Danza, wow, your dar and Tony could pass as twins back then, maybe you all are related

jheathern 1416 days ago

dont take this the wrong way. but if that is your dad. he DOES look a little bit like Tony Danza.. kind of.. haha (in a good way of course!)

torchwood611 1455 days ago

Never lose that inner child...

lagosbythebay 1479 days ago

Classic :)lyssa !

alexandrakamp 1481 days ago

sooooo sweet;)

WytchyOne76 1481 days ago

just like 'That 70's Show' haha:)

PoshLopez 1481 days ago

FARRRR TOO ADORABLE!!!! AHHH DYING FROM THE AWWS!!!! ...sorry bout the capitols lol

thecaptb 1482 days ago

You're such a cutie pie with a loving family and it's so wonderful

COWBOYSGIRL28 1482 days ago

this is so cute

jdr1965 1482 days ago

You were so cute! My dad used to have those sideburns back then also!!

MissKcool 1482 days ago

How adorable.

Lucybrat 1482 days ago

So awesome! I Love pics like this!

mcfan85 1482 days ago

So cute !!!!

cabbobby 1482 days ago

Awww, what a beautiful baby!!!

Gary_E_Davis 1482 days ago

so cute :-)

RockNRolla1971 1482 days ago

Haha..... SO cute!!!! ;)

GiuuuCFC 1482 days ago

ounnnnn *_* tooooo cuteee! =D

JLWagnon 1482 days ago

hey Alyssa, what a cute picture! Your grandpa looks so proud of his son and grandaughter! LIttle did he know what was to come.