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(Robert Kelly) @R_kelly was great today. Walked part of the way home with him.

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2632 days ago

(Robert Kelly) was great today. Walked part of the way home with him.


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ccirelli 2631 days ago

WTF, I though Bob got all skinny and stuff. Wide angle lens? Or, too many cookies..? BTW Bobby XBOX controllers bite it.

seanale 2631 days ago

Reprising the Tom Hanks role in Philadelphia 2?

trekker79 2632 days ago

It's Jeffrey Ross sans beard!

radiosrockinrob 2632 days ago

Hold my hand, man...

JesseFromCanada 2632 days ago

he looks like a young fez

hackcomic 2632 days ago

hi you molestable bastard

TruckerBrent 2632 days ago

he looks like he's sad that your parting ways...

DannyBayRidge 2632 days ago

Bob looks half his size!!!

jeffdoc 2632 days ago

Atta boy, Bobby! Representin' the Sox even in downtown Manhattan! GO RED SOX!

Angelswatch 2632 days ago

i have a better pic of ole weak belly http://twitpic.com/1ylof

ohbeave 2632 days ago

he looks so malnourished

MitchInTexas 2632 days ago

Is that Ant over to the right side with the bald spot?

pateyer 2632 days ago

Dam, were you telling him to back up ?

trexx65 2632 days ago

Bye bye little Bobby....

TruckingJames 2632 days ago

He looks a lot better than Fat Bwobbie.

stinger76 2632 days ago

spittin image of norton

rherdus 2632 days ago

He's turning himself into Norton's long lost brother!

gunzor 2632 days ago

Looks a bit like Fez to me...

nerdo5 2632 days ago

Look li'l spiff.

WillBock 2632 days ago

Without the facial hair, he looks like a stupider Tom Arnold