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opie's eye...Larry the Cable Guy rocked today!

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2729 days ago

opie's eye...Larry the Cable Guy rocked today!


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Matt_Damonson 2727 days ago

"The only vagina that clears its throat." YES! I have some new respect for this man! He CAN be dirty!

timz56 2728 days ago

Every truckers Guru

trevorburk 2728 days ago

Larry was cool I don't get the haters out there

mhaugan 2728 days ago

He was actually really good today and he hung in there when a guy with his money could/should have bailed.

TruckingJames 2728 days ago

I've met the guy, he really is a cool dude.

ajlafond 2728 days ago


edbaxter 2728 days ago

Trailer Trash.

houstonbrew28 2729 days ago

Wait, he has shirts with sleeves?

galaxia416 2729 days ago

it's Mater!!

MissLindsey420 2729 days ago

*pukes in his mouth* get THAT done, bitch

ProducerDan 2729 days ago

fingertip looks brown....

ryan1_84534 2729 days ago

Larry rocked....just like I rock ALL DAMN DAY LONG MUTHER F*CKER!!!

tcupp35 2729 days ago

Supporting the Husker wear...nice!

mxavier 2729 days ago

A boo.

jmilligandesign 2729 days ago

Larry/Mater: I knowed I made a good choice.
Opie/Lightning: In what?
Larry/Mater: My best friend

BigHornyJeep 2729 days ago

"Hey, smell my finger"

TheCrazyCossack 2729 days ago

Larry must love you goys, he ready did get dressed up for the show.

RonPugDog 2729 days ago

I did not recognize him without the flannel. Git R Done!

shawmang 2729 days ago

he's saving whatever is on that finger for later