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opie's eye 10am...Goodbye!  Sometimes this business really does SUCK!

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2905 days ago

opie's eye 10am...Goodbye! Sometimes this business really does SUCK!


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V_dog42085 2901 days ago

man, FUCK CBS. my drive into work has SUCKED BALLS this last week, you guys made the trip into manhattan so much easier. getting an XM radio now just to listen to you guys in the morning. keep up the good work guys. fuck CBS, and fuck stern.

richfa 2903 days ago

It was bound to happen ... they were going downhill fast, with no brakes!!

donny42024 2903 days ago

I listened to the last show on monday, and actually became ill when i heard the crap u guys had to end with. Fuck CBS, I would say boycot them but who watches CBS anyway?

johnkruck 2904 days ago

and oh yes, i almost forgot, i agree with grobzugig...the sirius channels suck

johnkruck 2904 days ago

its alright fellas...what goes around comes around...just keep your heads in it...we got your backs...

Grobzugig 2904 days ago

I am sorry to hear that the station droped the show. I listen on XM but since the merger with sirus XM has really started to suck. The music channels just blow. If it was not for O&A and Ron and Fez I would consider getting rid of xm

sidv666 2904 days ago

when i did not hear "the ecstacy of gold" playing from my clock radio at 6am this morning, i was truly devasted. F*CK K-SH*T!! F*CK TERRSTRIAL RADIO!!
see you boys over at XM/SIRIUS.

beachpatt 2904 days ago

Today on the new everytime I heard that KRock has been failing since Howard left in 2005 I wanted to puke. CBS failed you Opie. And the fact that they failed had nothing to do with Howard leaving the air. They are just sucky business people period!

Angelswatch 2904 days ago

sullivan241osu.....dragon wagon.......one and the same?

shirtgods 2904 days ago

sullivan241osu - you're a douche. the show wouldn't survive/exist without Opie. your mom's box!

amusings_clg 2904 days ago

i'm with wwbod. so happy that i have xm. just don't get kicked off there!!!!

WWBOD 2904 days ago

Opie > I realize this is bad for your show in regards to revenue/income, but as someone who listens on XM only I'm actually happy that the show will be uncensored during my drive in to work.

sullivan241osu 2904 days ago

Thank god. Jimmy you are finally free. This show deteriorated rapidly over last 12 months, and made my morning commute suck. Opie you belong doing mid days in St. Louis, you are a painful human being to listen to and I attribute the shows failures to you.

rcarroll1979 2904 days ago

F**K K-Rock! Not only did they destroy the only think that gets me through my butt crack of dawn drive, but they are now changing to top 40 hits! The music always sucked to begin with but now there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to tune in NOW! O&A was the on

dval17 2904 days ago

This is truely insane. I listened every morning from my phone on my way to work and this morng was boring. 92.3 K rock made a huge mistake. I personally am no longer listening to the station. I just can't believe this!!!

quinnsnana 2904 days ago

Once again, the station has made a stupid move. Maybe they want to lose what's left of their audience. There are so many ways to listen to music, who needs their damned station! I used to listen to Radio Chick, and one day, turned on my radio to find sh

MasterEvc 2904 days ago

There is no reason to listen to K-Rock anymore, first you guys and the shit "music" they are gonna start playing tomorrow. Sounds like a good time to get staellite radio now

dailyhypocrite 2904 days ago

I can't F**king believe that O & A is off K-Rock!! The management over at K-Rock have their heads up their ass.

Fullmoonshine 2904 days ago

92.3 KRock or whomever they refer themselves to now have lost another listener. Without O & A? I'm not longer listening Sirius, here I come!

disconnected024 2904 days ago

I am not too pleased by this revelation. I woke up at 6 to listen to O and A on K-Rock. But to my displeasure, I heard a promo for the homo station that will be called, "NOW"! Granted I saw this coming when you briefly mentioned it a few weeks ago, but ho