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if i wasn't drinking wine alone in a hotel,i prob wouldn't be posting proof of my muppetundies(as featured on good news week in paul's face)

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2904 days ago

if i wasn't drinking wine alone in a hotel,i prob wouldn't be posting proof of my muppetundies(as featured on good news week in paul's face)


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x33ieroNINJA 2855 days ago

to andtracee. no, because im marrying her first :L

ebow206 2894 days ago

i have to say, it was exciting to see you on GNW. however, i found that alot of the jokes were waaaaay awkward. the majority of the time i was yelling "DIG UP PAUL!!"

andtracee 2895 days ago

Between your performance on Good News Week, your music, this & you amazing spirit....I love you. Marry me?

mattafoo 2897 days ago

Amanda, let me say that on the behalf of the Australian people, I apologise for how offensive that particular show was. You fucking nailed em though. The wife and I are sooo sad we missed you in Brisbane. Come back soon!

kurtismarsh 2899 days ago

I totally missed this on its first post but thanks to I found it. :>

jeandont 2902 days ago

Ms. Palmer, eye spy pubes. Just sayin'.

Frickwit 2903 days ago

Paul's expression was absolutely priceless.
My mum thought that was the funnies thing she has ever seen, I've never seen her laugh so hard!

MissKaff 2903 days ago

Kind of a shame the picture isn't Grover...

theweirdstuff 2903 days ago

You know, I was at the taping and it was awesome. But this pic is definitely win! Being in the audience was too far away to see whether frank was right or not. Animal FTW!

Miss_Cold_Ember 2903 days ago

I'll give you $50AUD for them :p

monnie 2903 days ago

Pretty sure your team got the highest score ever, and I've been watching this show since it came from another TV network ;) Good work :P

astarose 2903 days ago

Just so you know, Ive been watching Good News Week for afew years now, and I'm pretty sure that that is the highest points anyone on the show has ever got! You just survived some of the dirtiest minds in AUS. Congrats!

vonnie_bee 2903 days ago

Animal! An-i-mal! An-i-mal!

misskittycharms 2903 days ago

i was wondering if they actually WERE muppet undies... mystery solved. :D

kirai_katrubro 2903 days ago


inpitlane 2903 days ago

It takes a lot to throw McDermott, but I think it's safe to say Mission accomplished.

fuck_maturity 2903 days ago

Best episode of Good News Week yet congratulations! I thought that show would never ever be good. I think they should employ you as a permanent resident. Love the Muppet undies!

downarabbithole 2903 days ago

Nicee amanda, u seemed quiet on good news week but I recorded it just the same

CarlyMayCarnage 2904 days ago

he was loving it! i was wondering whether the rumours of muppet undies were tue *haha*

JustJeanette 2904 days ago

No wonder Paul McD wet red.... Love that you managed to keep that boy on a short leash.