Vienna Girardi


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TiffanyLauren09 2148 days ago

damn, people are harsh! Break up's are tough! no liee. keep your head up <3

Jennason68 2149 days ago

I hope more opportunities come your way to prove that you are right and did the right thing:)

Jennason68 2149 days ago

I am so sorry for what you had to go through. You are a sweetheart,only good souls can tell.

RowandElle 2150 days ago

Lemme guess...The GLEE guy is lying because HE'S A FAME WHORE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

rosesanlilacs 2150 days ago

I'm sorry for how Jake treated you. You didn't deserve that. You're beautiful and can do better.

YaNkEeBeCkY24 2150 days ago

Hey Vienna, I just wanted to say do not listen to what AlysrianXian has to say she's the fat cow, you dont listen to any negative comments! I am the ultimate juge of character and I know you are telling the truth and jake is fake and chidesh, I wish I cou

KNDavis 2155 days ago

Vienna, you look beautiful! I was not a huge fan of yours during the show, but I wish you the best

AlysrianXian 2159 days ago

She still looks like a cow. You'd think after STEALING all that money from her parents, her ex-husband (shame on you!), and everyone else she has come into contact with - that she would get work where it's NEEDED! HER FACE!

You are a disgusting person

trinahager 2159 days ago

You look like you are having a great time. So sorry to hear about you and Jake, hope ur doing ok

citricone 2160 days ago

Wish you the best chica! Don't let anyone especially Hollywood tell ya what is right from wrong, we did not live your relationship!1

Jewelsforwomen 2162 days ago

Hey CowPatti----go back to the pasture.....YOu are one mean old lady.

cowpatti 2162 days ago

she was sickening on the show and she is sickening for cheating. ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER

cowpatti 2162 days ago

HEY KATIELYN Do U know her?? It isn't just a TV SHOW it is REAL. She just wanted FAME. EVERYONE knew she would cheat. it is free Speech She can FEEL any way she wants

Birdmom127 2163 days ago

Vienna sweetie it is better to lose a lover than love a loser remember that best of luck

katielyn5 2163 days ago

Hey, , unless you know her, why don't you just keep your mouth shut. How would you know it was a good thing? It's a TV show. PS: Does it make you feel better to write nasty comments?... Karma's a bitch.

Melanie8628 2163 days ago

Vienna I hope everything is ok :) You look amazing. I was always rooting for you to win on The Bachelor i always loved you :) Really hope you and Jake can work things out!!

chili_chihuahua 2163 days ago

Wishing you're better off without him.

sauls09 2164 days ago


Hockeysweetie04 2166 days ago

Very Nice Vienna. you look soo pretty!